What you get

  • Replace worn and broken rollers with all new Double Bogie roller system.
  • Replace worn and missing weather seals with new Schlegel woven pile fin seal, reducing air and noise infiltration, and rattling; and increase energy performance.
  • Redress damaged track to provide new, unblemished surface for new roller system.
  • Clean and clear all storm water drain holes so storm water flows to the outside.
  • Fit new doorstops, top and bottom, to ensure door stops gently when opened, and prevent injury to hands.
  • Adjust all locks and catches so they operate easily and smoothly.
  • Company sticker affixed with job date and contact details.
  • Replacement of aluminium track if required (additional charge $540).
  • Fitting new keyed deadlocking handle if required (additional charge $360).

Price Per Door $1040

  • All work per current quote list, fixed for 12 months – January to December.
  • All work carried out in accordance with Aust. St. AS2047.
  • Drop sheets used, work area left clean, and trade waste removed.
  • All insurances and licenses current, and OHS compliant.
  • New work tested by occupant.
  • Punctual, friendly, and reliable.
  • All due care and caution is exercised however we take no responsibility for glass breakage.
  • Guarantee does not cover reconditioned Windows and doors which are exposed to cyclone and hurricane weather conditions.
  • 5-YEAR GUARANTEE [on parts and labour under normal use].

Fully Reconditioned Sliding Glazed Doors ( 15+ years)

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